You take action when you care. 
You care when you understand. 
You understand when you are shown.


Our Mission

To help people share their message.  To give a voice to the change agents looking to inspire the World.  To connect people to each other through story.  To inspire meaningful results.

About Us

Paola (ola) Espitia


I am a Colombian-American marine biologist, communicator, photographer, and budding changemaker.  My mission is to connect people to the ocean and help those doing the same to inspire an ocean-minded society through meaningful communication.

Pay (Pi) Aponte

I am a Puerto Rican surfer, painter, graphic designer, videographer, and McGuyver who finds inspiration and peace in the ocean.  I believe that it is our responsibility to protect the oceans and live sustainably along its shoreline.  Through my art and designs, I hope to awaken a new perspective that gets noticed.

Through Ola'Pi Creative, we aim to:

  • Connect with like-minded individuals and organizations who wish to inspire change

  • Collaborate on special projects that connect people to the ocean in ways that promote ocean mindedness

  • Create stories using photography, video, and design that bring people closer to each other and to their purpose