Brand Building by the Beach

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Brand Building by the Beach

Focused Brand Development + Oceanside Retreat

When you're feeling stuck, disorganized, and uninspired, two days of intense focus and workshops
intermixed with sunshine, salt, and inspirational wanderings down the A1A work wonders for your business.  

REFRESH your business and build meaning back into your brand.  
RESTORE and clarify your mind and body through indulgent dips in the sea.
REVIVE your brand and transform the way the world perceives and connects with you. 


Based in a boutique hotel on Fort Lauderdale beach, your inspired home for the weekend invites an opening of the senses.  Find yourself become more present, more productive, and more creative.  The brand retreat weekend facilitates working in your optimal state of mind - your flow state and that is the secret to getting the most out of our time together.

Best part of all?  
The Brand Building by the Beach retreat weekend qualifies as a business expense!

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Why south Florida?

Because we love our backyard!  The palm trees, warm, clear water, what's there not to love?!  We intentionally chose your boutique accommodations for its localization between the Intercoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean.  Take refreshing morning dips in the ocean and recharge under the shade of the palm trees at the end of a productive day.  Any time spent in, on, under, and near the ocean is time well spent.


The Plan

Each day we focus defining the different foundational elements of your brand.  From your Purpose Statement to your Mission Statement to your Brand Style Board, we guide you through the development of an impactful brand.

Before you jump in, you receive a full agenda along with your pre-retreat workbook.  An evening cocktail hour and daily healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are included.  Optional beach yoga classes can also be arranged.  

Expect to leave refreshed, restored, and revived knowing that your creative business has been given a new life.
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2 Day Brand Building by the Beach
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The Schedule

Day 1 

  • Morning at the beach (optional beach yoga)
  • 9am:  Breakfast
  • 10am:  Session One
  • 1pm:  Lunch
  • 2pm:  Session Two
  • 3pm:  Cafecito and Breakout Session
  • 5pm:  Check-in and creative conversations over cocktails
  • 7pm:  Dinner
  • Stay at boutique Ft. Lauderdale resort

Day 2

  • Morning at the beach (optional beach yoga)
  • 10am:  Brunch
  • 11am:  Inspiration at the Farmers Market
  • 12:30pm:  Session Three
  • 2pm:  Cafecito and Breakout Session
  • 3pm:  Session Four
  • 5pm:  Celebratory dinner
  • Leave feeling refreshed with your revived brand
2 Day Brand Building by the Beach
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The workshops

Starting with WHY
We first get to the root of why you decided to start the brand.  The WHY of your brand is also your purpose.  It is a belief about the world that you most likely formed while you were still in your early 20s.  From your WHY stems the Purpose Statement of your brand.

Together, we define your Purpose Statement, the North Star of your brand.  All design, purchasing, and collaboration decisions will be based on whether they align with your Purpose.  Plus, this helps us as designers understand where you are coming from which is essential for conceptualizing the Positioning Statement, logo, and brand assets.


Meeting the HOW
Next, we work on HOW.  The HOW supports the WHY and gives rise to the Mission Statement.  Usually a Mission Statement reads something like:  we do x to help this set of people do y.  They can get pretty boring and wordy, fast!  

During our brand development/review process, we ask specific questions of you that narrows the Mission Statement down to a succinct 10 word or less declaration.  

We then identify your brand values and use them to craft guidelines for making sure the HOW gets met.


Flowing into WHAT
Most brands already know WHAT they are offering.  We target or expand your offering(s) in ways that are strategic and flow with your new found clarity of purpose.

When you have a bigger purpose that
drives your brand, you begin to build something meaningful that transcends
simply what you do. It embodies who you want to be in the world.


Listening for Visual Voice
Knowing WHY, HOW, and WHAT your brand does allows you to show up for your audience in a way that best serves them.  Getting to the soul of who you are establishes the foundation for the various elements of your brand.

Your brand is not just a business name or a logo.  It is a collection of graphics, design elements, fonts, vocabulary, and imagery that make up a Visual Voice.  Together, we work out the kinks of your Visual Voice and create a Brand Inspiration Board.  


Restoring your Self
Research shows that time spent by water makes us more calm, focused, creative, and happier.  This is why we believe in the power of the ocean as a mechanism for restoring your mind and body.  Through guided intentional time by the water, you learn the tools to live a better life.


Included in Registration

Focused brand development and oceanside retreat:

  • (4) Focused Brand Development Workshops
  • Coaching and development of Purpose Statement, Mission Statement, Value Statement, Positioning Statement, Tag Line
  • Brand Inspiration Board
  • Brand Style Board (including logo design + font + graphical elements)
  • Marketing collateral (business card + 1 other design as needed)
  • (1) Night at a boutique hotel on Ft. Lauderdale Beach
  • All meals + cafecito breaks
  • Creative cocktail hour


Not included in registration

  • Extra drinks or snacks
  • Morning beach yoga
  • Spa treatments


Have a weekend in mind?  Complete the form below...

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Please enter the dates you are interested in for a Brand Building by the Beach retreat.


Your investment for our two-day retreat, including accommodations, meals, drinks, all class materials, workshops, and brand development:

2 Day Brand Building by the Beach

Focused Brand Development + Oceanside Retreat

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Terms & Conditions

We are so excited to welcome you to the Brand Building by the Beach retreat!  Please read the following information carefully as by booking your place, you agree to the retreat terms and conditions.

You agree to pay $2,000 for the Brand Building by the Beach + Oceanside Retreat package.  If you prefer to pay in installments, we have two options for you:

A)  Pay a $1,000 deposit now.  The balance ($1,000) will be due 2 weeks later once all design files have been submitted

B)  Pay a $1,000 deposit now.  Then 2 installments of $700 each as per the following schedule:


Payment 1 due at check out = $700
Payment 2 due 30 days = $700

*Payment dates calculated from date of checkout

** Please email us to notify us of which payment plan option you prefer:

Any additional costs such as drinks, snacks, beach yoga, or spa treatments will be settled separately at time of purchase.

Paying in installments provides a more flexible option, albeit at a slight pay increase.  Please be sure to stick with the payment plan as not doing so will result in a 2% late fee per month past due.

We cannot be held liable for situations beyond our control, including (but not limited to) acts of war, acts of God, threats or acts of terrorism, civil unrest or unforeseen personal circumstances. We also can’t offer refunds for illness, flight delays or any other circumstances. Please make sure you have adequate insurance in place to cover for this.

In the event of a teacher cancellation, every effort will be made to deliver the same content by another accomplished teacher. If we need to cancel the retreat, we will refund the money you have paid so far.  We cannot be held responsible for other costs – such as flights or any other incidentals and strongly recommend you have insurance in place to cover this.


If you have any additional questions, email us at:


See you at the Ola'pi Creative Studio P!

Paola Espitia, M.S. & Pay Aponte