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My Perspective

Since 2013, I have been speaking to audiences about the ecological, economic, and emotional benefits of the ocean. In doing so, I move people to reconsider their own connection to water and empower them to become Wavemakers in their own industries, communities, and Universities for a better, bluer planet.

My work as a marine biologist has led me around the world studying coral restoration in the Bahamas and South Florida, photographing whale sharks in Mexico and clownfish on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and engaging in marine science outreach in Baja California, Cuba, Belize, and Panama.

After finding myself on the beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Florida with a Masters of Science degree in Marine Biology and Coastal Zone Management in one hand, hundreds of SCUBA dives under my belt, and thousands of words written about coral restoration in scientific publications and reports, I realized that despite my work, locals and tourists alike were unaware that in front of them, within swimming distance from shore, was the third largest coral barrier reef in the world.

That was when I realized that in order to make a bigger impact, I needed to use my voice. I now devote my time to speaking, leading experiential workshops, writing, and consulting.

Today, at 40 years old, I can say that I am living my best year yet. I will be marrying the waterman of my dreams, Edilberto “Pay” Aponte, in January under the full moon on the beach in Puerto Rico. We will be welcoming our first child into the world. And we continue to create an inspired life splitting time between homes in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Villa de Leyva, Colombia. In my free time, you can find me swimming, paddling, SCUBA diving, exploring with my camera, reading, and playing ukulele somewhere around the world.


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My Most Requested Topics

There's a reason why we feel so good when we're by water. Recall your connection to water and gain new insights into the benefits of your brain on water.

How Water Makes Us Better Leaders


Mangroves have managed to survive in challenging conditions while supporting an incredible diversity of creatures within their complex root system. Explore why mangroves matter and how they may be our natural defense against climate change.

Mangrove Forests: Our Natural Coast Guard


Explore the underwater wonder of Caribbean coral reefs and gain a deeper appreciation for these wonderfully unique ecosystems.

Coral Reefs: The Jewels of the Caribbean


Before the age of dinosaurs, sea turtles once roamed the Earth but today, they face a number of threats that are seriously reducing their populations worldwide. Hear how community-based conservation efforts are helping to bring back these ancient oceanic mariners.

Ensuring the Survival of Sea Turtles


Why People in “Blue Zones” Live Longer, Happier Lives and How You Can Too

There are places on our planet where people live vibrant lives into their 100’s. Learn where these Blue Zones exist and what lessons from Blue Zone living you can bring home.



The main goal of this workshop is to harness the benefits of time spent in, on, under, and near water to become better leaders.  We explore the cognitive, psychological, social and emotional benefits of healthy oceans and waterways then practice Blue Mindfulness through intentional water play. 

Water Wellness


The main goal of this workshop is to understand the ecologic and economic significance of water in this era of climate change.  We explore water issues on a global and local scale and discuss ways we can live an ocean-friendly sustainable lifestyle.  We then (re)connect to water by exploring the local waterways by kayak.

Water World


The main goal of this workshop is to learn to observe the world without judgement and to document our observations of the natural surroundings from this fresh new perspective.  We explore storytelling, Sensory vs. Conceptual sight, and methods of practicing Contemplative Photography.  We then put this practice into play by documenting the local natural surroundings and creating a photo story of our walkabout.

Water Window


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