Hello!  We're Paola and Pay

A team of wave makers who believe we all have the potential to inspire change in the world.

We collaborate and create with people in the sustainable, surf, wellness, and travel sectors to amplify their stories and affect change.

We are in the business of branding, strategizing, storytelling, and creating.  We listen deeply for what drives you and then use clear, strategic messaging, beautiful imagery, and engaging storytelling to inspire action.

Your story matters so reach out and say hi!  We want to hear all about you - what inspires you, what you're struggling with.... and of course, how we can help you clarify and share your story with the world.  

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Our Mission

To listen for the why.  
To give a voice to the change agents.
To connect people to each other through story.  
To inspire positive social and environmental action.


Paola (ola) Espitia

Paola is a Colombian-American marine biologist, public speaker, writer, photographer, eco traveler, and budding change agent.  Her mission is to inspire a sustainable society by connecting people to the ocean.

Through her work in marine conservation, Paola has developed an intuitive understanding for what motivates people to take action.  She consults with change agents, organizations, and teams who want to influence social and environmental behavior but don't know what to say or how to inspire action.  

Paola's natural presence, curiosity, creativity, and way with words brings clarity and vision to the branding process.  While her contemplative approach to editorial, lifestyle, and underwater photography and video document a fresh perspective of the world.

To connect people to the ocean, Paola speaks to groups on the benefits of water-based experiences, facilitates water workshops and leads Blue Discovery Eco Tours in South Florida and Cuba.  She is also the host, writer, producer, and editor of the Blue Spotlight video series highlighting ocean-friendly business owners, scientists, athletes, and artists inspiring the next generation to be conscious consumers and stewards of our blue planet.

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Pay (pi) Aponte

Pay is a Puerto Rican artist, graphic designer, videographer, surfer, and McGuyver who finds inspiration and peace in the ocean.  He believes that it is our responsibility to awaken and share our unique perspective with the world.

Through his multimedia art and designs, Pay interprets the driving foundations of a brand to craft a unique visual voice.

Creative problem solving is ingrained in Pay and allows him to anticipate the needs of his team and produce innovative solutions for his clients.  With expertise in Audio and Visual technologies, and a B.S. in Graphic Design, Media Arts and Computer Science from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, Pay is an invaluable member to any creative team.

The extension of Pay's voice can be felt in his art.  As an independent artist, he journals his life experiences as passion-infused drawings in pencil, ink, and paint.  Forward-thinking companies can commission Pay to create a custom painting that reinforces their values and strengthens company culture.

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Through Ola'Pi Creative, we aim to:

  • Connect with like-minded individuals and organizations who wish to inspire change

  • Collaborate on special projects that connect people to the ocean in ways that promote action towards healthy oceans and sustainable living.

  • Create stories using photography, video, and design that bring people closer to each other and to their purpose