Blue Discovery Tour

~a new way to explore our waterways~

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BE INSPIRED BY the waterways

A new kind of tour with an environmental twist.  Take a moment to slow down, sit back, and reconnect to water during our Blue Discovery Tour.  

The 2.5 hour tour led by marine biologist and photographer, Paola Espitia, M.S. of Ola'pi Creative, takes you through the waterways of South Florida.   You'll cruise near mangrove forests, under iron bridges, and past stunning yachts.  

You will experience the cities of Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood from a unique vantage point - from the water.  We'll bring you up close to nature and provide tips to spark your inner conservationist.  

During this guided eco tour, you will learn about and experience the positive
psychological effects we gain from being out on the water!  Some highlights from the tour include:

  • Wildlife viewing and photography

  • Conversations about conservation

  • Tips for how you can live an ocean-friendly lifestyle

  • Nautical history from the days of rum running

  • Pirate lore and more!

The Blue Discovery Tour will leave you with a new appreciation for our blue planet and some great photos to share with the world!

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See you on the water!

Paola Espitia & Pay Aponte