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Warrior Unlimited Apparel

Brand Development, Brand Design & Apparel Design

Warrior Unlimited Apparel (WUA) Brand Vision Board

Warrior Unlimited Apparel (WUA) Brand Vision Board

WUA Brand Style Guide including logo design

WUA Brand Style Guide including logo design

WUA Brand Image Guide

WUA Brand Image Guide

WUA Marketing Collateral Design (Business Cards)

WUA Marketing Collateral Design (Business Cards)


Creative Mornings Ft. Lauderdale

Event Video & Photography

Highlights from the October 2016 Creative Mornings Ft. Lauderdale featuring Director, Ricardo Ceballos. Free events like this one are hosted every month in dozens of cities across the country.


The Wahine Project Cuba

Video ~ Photostory ~ Social Media Strategy & Management ~ Fundraising Events

Connecting young girls to the ocean and each other in Cuba. Trip on September 2016

Connecting young girls to the ocean and each other in Cuba. Trip on January 2016

Communication Strategy and Content Calendar that best showcases and amplifies the Cuba story

Communication Strategy and Content Calendar that best showcases and amplifies the Cuba story


IS Projects

Collaborative art poster to benefit The Wahine Project Cuba

To support the efforts of The Wahine Project Cuba, a 501(c)(3) non-profit working to connect girls and young women to the ocean in Cuba, two creative studios got together to create something meaningful for Wahines everywhere. The collaboration between Ola'pi Creative and IS Projects was captured in this video.  

To purchase a limited edition Mermaid Poster as seen in the video, click the button below... 


The Idea Inc.

Video Series ~ Headshots ~ Photography & Social Media Management for Professional Workshop

Promotional Video

About Us Video Story

Video Launch Series 1

Video Launch Series 2

A workshop created by millennials for millennials to show you how to run, manage and market your business or product in today's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Led by Ebonni Bryant of The Idea Inc. @weareideas


Midtown Miami Magazine

Event Highlight Video

Highlights we put together from a special evening celebrating the New Midtown Miami Magazine @midtownmiamimag @payangr. . Music by @thehoypolloy .

Logos and print design

Meet some of the people we've worked with who are connecting us to the ocean.


deerfield beach, fl

Nikki Paul ~ Marine Scientist:

Ah, I love my job!  I get to scuba dive all the time and I work with some of my best friends, but it’s fun and you feel like you’re really doing something good for the world and helping in any way that you can.


dania beach, Fl

Liz Goergen ~ Senior Research Assistant

Lysitna Kabay ~ Research Scientist


Be determined.  Love what you do.  Be passionate about your work.  Never give up, don’t let anybody tell you no that it can’t happen.  My 7th grade science teacher told me I would never be a scientist and here I am getting my PhD in marine biology so don’t let somebody tell you no.  


My favorite part of what I do is I get to go scuba diving every single day!  I get to see the coral communities, not just the corals, but the reef fishes and the algae and the interactions there.  I love being able to dive every single day and be among that ecosystem, immersed in it, not only studying it.  I don’t think a lot of people necessarily get to do that.


Monterey Bay, ca

The Wahine Project:

We use surfing to connect young girls to the ocean and to one another.  Through surfing, girls develop self-confidence, healthy habits, sisterhood, and an awareness of their social responsibility as global citizens.  We get to watch them bloom into leaders.


cerritos beach, baja del sur, Mexico

Tom's Adventure Flights:

What started as a dream to fly has turned into a reality for Tom Martin and all those he has taken with him to the skies.  Using ultralight powered paragliders, Tom gives people the ride of a lifetime while also providing a uniquely beautiful vantage point of Baja del Sur's Pacific coastline.  Seeing any number of the migratory whale species from the air is both breathtaking and humbling as it's only from above that you get a sense for the vastness of the sea.


la parguera, puerto rico

Pay Aponte ~ Waterman:  

My family and I built this wooden boat in front of our home in La Parguera, Puerto Rico.  We named her "Payoma".  Every weekend we would take her out to explore the mangrove islands that dot the coastline in front of my house.  I almost drowned once.  I learned that you don't mess with the ocean.  Now, I'm glad that I can spend time in that liquid.  It's peaceful and helps me to relax.