The Idea Inc.

The first time we worked with Ebonni Bryant, founder of The Idea Inc.,  a business development agency, we helped her reconnect with her clients in a fresh new way.  She had been exploring the idea of holding a webinar that would introduce some new concepts to her clientele and needed a way to lead into signups for the webinar.  We helped Ebonni produce and shoot a video series that she used to reach out to her existing and prospective clients in an email campaign.  Part of our package for her also included head shots that she used in her social media campaigns and workbooks later on.

The second time we worked with Ebonni, she asked us to help her cover a retreat she was organizing.  As a community builder, she wanted to help people create change in their communities.  The video series we made for her allowed her to connect with her existing and prospective audience and served to introduce an exciting opportunity to join her in a weekend business development retreat called, Leader of the New Schools in Miami.  The next phase of our work together was in capturing and covering the retreat live and on social media.



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