A note about a historic week in Cuba

Two months after we traveled to Cuba with The Wahine Project, President and Michelle Obama arrived.  You could say, they jumped on our bandwagon :)  

It would be the first time an American president had visited the island in almost 90 years.  In the eyes of our Cuban hermana, Yaya (The Wahine Project Cuba), this was a moment of excitement.  

She sent email after email giving us the play by play on the reactions of her neighbors.  At least where she was, there were shouts of joy coming from the houses of her neighbors as they watched the Obamas land on Cuban tierra.  The whole event was broadcast live from their tvs.  Everyone could feel that this was an incredible, singular moment in time for Cuba.  

...cultivo una rosa blanca...

were the words recited by Obama to greet the island of Cuba.  Written by the island's national hero, poet José Martí, they translate into "I plant a white rose."    

He extended his own insight to President Raúl Castro, saying “need not fear the different voices of the Cuban people — and their capacity to speak, and assemble, and vote for their leaders.”  From what we hear, it is a lot for the locals to take in at the moment, but as Yaya asserted, 

hoy esto queda pa la es historia.

Today will be a day in history.