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More of us are realizing that running a business that positively impacts the people and the world around us, also positively impacts our bottom line.

In this new series, we are putting a spotlight on the people and businesses who are doing something good for people, planet, and profit.  


Since 1997, Anna and Austin Birch have been creating outdoor adventures for kids that stimulate individual and team development while playing in nature.  Specializing in summer camps, outdoor education, and team building, Adventure Links is expanding from their Virginia home base and bringing the adventure to Miami!  

The timing couldn't be better.  In today's wired world, it is increasingly more important to provide opportunities to spend time in nature.  



Studies point towards a lack of outdoor play as a contributor to the rising trends in obesity, attention disorders, and depression.  In one study, researchers found that children as young as 5 showed significant reduction in the symptoms of attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder when they engaged with nature.  In another study, children who spent time at the beach were more physically active, better at social engagement, and less stressed.  Added benefits of beach time include reduced exposure to noise and air pollution.

Coined "Nature Defecit Disorder" by Richard Louv in his 2005 book, Last Child in the Woods, outdoor play by way of programs like Adventure Links could be just what the doctor and the principal's office ordered.


Adventure Links offers two summer camps:



6th - 9th Grade
Water sports (surfing, sailing, kayaking) and adventure activities in Sunny Isles and The Beaches

3rd - 6th Grade
Fun educational activities and water sports (SUP, kayaking, snorkeling) in Biscayne Bay


Each week-long summer camp is $550 and includes all activities, equipment, and transportation from one of their pickup locations throughout Miami-Dade County.

Just like Ola'pi, Anna and Austin believe that

profound experiences can uncover courage, build community, and inspire connection.

Adventure Links has a deep understanding of the positive social, emotional and mental outcomes of time spent in the outdoors.  We want to help you get your family outside this summer!  Enjoy 10% off Adventure Links water sport summer camps this summer using our code:  






Special thanks to the South Florida Bloggers for inviting us to learn more about Adventure Links.



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