Stoked On Salt

More of us are realizing that running a business that positively impacts the people and the world around us, also positively impacts our profits.

In this new series, we are putting a spotlight on the people and businesses who are doing something good for people, planet, and profit.  



How one woman is painting with trash to raise awareness of clean beaches...


Barely 5 feet tall, Lisa Miceli-Capano packs a punch when it comes to her fight against plastic pollution.  A long time local SCUBA diver, Lisa has seen first hand the negative impacts our actions are having on the coral reefs and coastal areas.  

Lauderdale by the sea has literally been my backyard so what’s upsetting to me is...we’re starting to see our beaches erode, we’re seeing the coral reefs die, we’re seeing beach re nourishment projects, dredging, and all of this creates a change in our ecosystem. 

Answering the call

She started Stoked on Salt (SOS), a beach apparel line, to raise awareness of the beauty our oceans hold.  Her designs are inspired by a passion to protect our ocean and living corals.  

SOS gives back by sponsoring and organizing Beach and Pier Cleanups that bring in over 2,000 volunteers of all ages.  Each piece of debris is then reported to the Project AWARE Foundation's citizen science program, Dive Against Debris.  The reports from these cleanups provide valuable insight and data supporting the need for industry-level solutions to the plastic problem.  

Right now, we can make small choices at home that are better for our blue planet, like the ones we highlight in a previous post.


trashed art

A further expression of her passion for the oceans is her poetic use of trash bits to paint underwater seascapes.   In an exclamation point to the plastics problem, Lisa has managed to turn the debris collected at beach cleanups into tools for painting the marine life she sees on her dives.  Her paintings serve as unique pieces of art that raise awareness and support conservation efforts and SOS Beach Cleanups.  

...all this art and the cleanups is meant to bring the community together to keep them aware of what’s going on because you don’t always hear this on the news every night. 

Get stoked on salt

Lisa's TEAM SOS volunteer group is always open to new members interested in joining them on the beach and pier cleanups.  Teen divers and snorkelers are welcome and they offer Student Community Hours.  

..if you’re a beach lover, you have to remember we have to respect it.
Pay, Lisa Miceli of SOS, and Paola with our "trashy art" made entirely from marine litter.

Pay, Lisa Miceli of SOS, and Paola with our "trashy art" made entirely from marine litter.