And so it begins...

The first words of the story.  A story where you get to follow and learn from us on our journey into the unknown world of entrapreneurialship?  No, entrepreneurship!

I could never say that word, entrepreneurship.  And even now it gives me the heebie jeebies, but I've learned to not put so much emphasis on the driest of words "business".  I always saw myself as the opposite of business, or at least my perception of business.

I am a mermaid marine biologist.
A gypsy of the sea.
I always carry a camera and my ukulele.
I laugh often and salute the sun.
And am driven by the desire to inspire someone

(that may just be the lyrics to a new uke song!)


...nothing near like those "suits"!

Although I'm tricking myself into believing that Ola'Pi Creative is not a big deal, I wouldn't be starting this journey if I didn't believe we, Pay and I, could do it.  

I know in every part of me that I can be a member of this community they call "entrepreneurs".  I have an entrepreneur spirit!  I am self-motivated, independent, a problem solver, creative, and I've discovered I don't like to be told what to do.  Actually, I think my mom has a story or two of me proclaiming as a kid, "you're not the boss of me!" - sorry mom!  

I know it will be challenging at times, but challenges help shape you.  I know the first version may fail, but you won't get worse from trying again.  I also know that I need a side hustle (to pay off these student loans!) and one that I can transition into my soul project with my soul partner.

As a scientist, I am trained to conduct exhaustive research to illustrate my mastery on a particular subject.  In my effort to become a master at entrepreneurship, I have read enough blogs, watched webinars, and listened to podcasts about the topic (more on those some other time) to have an idea of what goes into developing a project/side hustle/business.  

But there is always room to learn more!

I have learned real quickly that this project (notice how I didn't and will not use the b-word!) has to have some foundational elements for us to know we have developed something meaningful.  

It has to be:

  1. Running on its own while I'm on vacation

  2. Ocean-related

  3. Purposeful

  4. Creative

  5. Mobile

  6. Fun


From here, we begin the journey of finding our bliss; the point at which what you love, what you do well, what the world needs, and what the world values intersect.


Once you've found your BLISS, your story will become clear.  

Once you've found your BLISS, your story will become clear.