Finding your bliss...

Over the last few weeks, Pay and I have been handcrafting our next project.  When it boils down to it, what do we really want?  

Yes, its a great thing to have a passion and to want to share those passions with the world, but its also a great thing to make some dinero and buy yourself some freedom!  

This is where it is important to know wherein lies your strengths.  What are you actually pretty good at?  What kind of skills do you like using?  Now smash these two answers together with your passion and you probably have a decent shot at creating something meaningful and finding your bliss :)

I boiled it down to the 4 questions I introduced in the first blog:

  1.   What do you love?

  2.   What do you do well?

  3.   What does the world need?

  4.   What will the world pay for?

To really get my brain thinking in this direction, I sat down every day for a week and answered these questions.  Each time, I started fresh.  I didn't look at the previous day's answers I just grabbed my notebook and favorite pen and simply wrote.



At the end of the week, I looked back at each day's answers and pulled out the common denominators.  I created a master list and stepped back to study the results.  

At the root of this project is our passion for the ocean, travel, and art.  The trunk holds the message:  we want to use art in new ways to inspire people to be better stewards of the ocean.  Our skills in communication, graphic design, photography, and project management are the branches that give rise to the green stuff.  And as we develop more skills, we grow.

bliss palm tree.jpg


Going through this process is what we really needed to develop clarity.  The options are endless and always evolving.  It can be easy to stay on the carousel and continue to explore ideas but until you step off the carousel and hit the ground running, you will never get anywhere.



A good friend once told me to stop doing research and start doing something!  It's actually true, I am a researcher, literally!  

In order for me to break out of the crowd and create the life I want, I need to take action!  Writing and documenting the journey keeps me in forward motion.  There is now accountability.  I have to make sure I generate content, aka, get $h!t done so I have something to report every week!


Want to explore along with us?  

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