How to Discover Your "How" and Define Your Brand Values

I love the times when I'm working on a project and the world around me seems to melt away.  

I get so focused that time stands still and even though I've been working non-stop, producing something meaningful, I feel energized, not exhausted.

In these moments, I am working in my flow state, feeling and performing at my peak.  It is in this realm where the combination of intense focus and charged creativity leads to intentional action.  This is our HOW.  When we work in this realm towards our WHY, we get magical results.

The WHY, HOW, & WHAT that make up the Golden Circle

The WHY, HOW, & WHAT that make up the Golden Circle

In Simon Sinek's Golden Circle formula, when we start with WHY in business, we are pinpointing exactly where to direct our energies and actions.  If something comes up that is not in direct alignment with our WHY, we have the permission to say "no".  

Because our WHY comes from the part of the brain that controls feelings, it can be challenging to put the WHY into words.  So sometimes you have to start with HOW.

HOW is the action that results in your WHY.  

It is the place where you are working in your flow state.  You are in the zone where work seems effortless, time flies by, and you excel.  

When you spend more time working in this state and under the right conditions that promote this state of work, you are at your maximum peak where doing things that promote your WHY produces brilliant results.  


We've put together a worksheet to help you discover your HOWs - the actions you can take now to ensure you are working in your flow and making a bigger impact. 

Download the Discover Your How worksheet below...

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HOW & WHY are WHY & HOW different?

WHYs and HOWs are often mixed up because we are not used to diving deep into describing our beliefs.  We just know them and feel them.

In a previous blog, Are You Asking WHY?, I defined Simon Sinek's Golden Circle formula as:

  • WHY:
    our belief; the thing that drives or inspires us; our cause; our purpose

  • HOW :
    the actions we take; the guiding principles or core values we follow to pursue that belief

  • WHAT:
    the tangible representation of our WHY



How do we find our HOW?

The best way to identify your HOWs, is to think back to events in your life or a time when you were feeling your best.  When you were in the flow, feeling strong and at ease. 

  1. Write down those moments, events, and situations

  2. What were you doing?  List them as action verbs (I was elevating a crowd during an event, I was promoting a music festival, I was educating leaders)

  3. Pay attention to any patterns that emerge during those times

  4. Narrow your list down to 5 direct actions - finishing this sentence helps: 

I am at my best and in my flow state when...


  1. I ELEVATE an audience at a fundraising event

  2. I EDUCATE others

  3. I FOCUS on the positive sides of a challenge

  4. I MOTIVATE someone to make a healthy change

  5. I SIMPLIFY a process so others can understand

These 5 statements comprise your HOWs.  They also define your Core Values: Elevate, Educate, Focus, Motivate, and Simplify.

How do you bring your HOWs to life?  

You DO them.  And you do them in your favorite work environment.  For me, it is either in our home studio with our big garage door wide open to let the breeze in or at a hotel cafe with a water view.  


Whether you thrive in loud fast-paced environments working on a team under a tight deadline or in a quiet sun-lit corner by yourself, set yourself up for success and place yourself in those situations.  The combination of living your HOWs or Core Values and doing so under the optimal conditions where you get the most done, is the recipe for working in your flow state towards your WHY.

Download the worksheet below to gain access to bonus tips for optimizing your work environment so you can tap into your flow state and get more done more efficiently.

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Set your flow free

Now that you are clear on HOW you get flowing, you can start intentionally directing your energy towards projects and people that allow you to do your HOWs.  

It's not hard to do when you make it easy for people to understand WHY you do what you do.  You want to make your message crystal clear so that people will recognize 

hey, that’s my jam too, I want to hop on board your train!
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As long as you work with your HOWs in mind, then it will be a fun, easy, effortless, and in the end, rewarding experience.  As more HOWs are dropped along the way, it becomes more stressful to work towards your WHY and you risk losing your passion.


The proof is in the WHAT 

The final WHAT of the Golden Circle is the tangible representation of WHY we do it and HOW we do it at our best.  This may look like writing, speaking, advising, teaching, marketing, etc.  It is the proof that supports your WHY.


To bring it all together

When we have clarity of WHY and discipline of HOW, WHAT we do creates results that are tangible representations of our WHY.


Understanding and living this formula is the key to an inspired life.

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